Two of my books are now on the market.  The subject matters are quite diverse but both dramatically expose life and the influencing challenges of times gone by.

The Other Side of Courage - the Saga of Elizabeth Blackwell

In the mid 1800's women had very few rights. But

one woman, Elizabeth Blackwell, defied the iron grip
of the all-male medical profession and through many
great struggles she triumphed to became the first
woman to receive a degree in medicine. This historical
fiction account of her life portrays the difficulties and 
triumphs she experienced. Learn more of this book
by clicking on the cover.

Magnolias Don't Cry

Set in racially tense Louisiana in the 1960's, 
the story tells of two teenage boys, one white
and one black, whose newly found mutual bond 
changes their lives forever.  Intrigue, hate, deprivation 
and political injustices work toward shattering 
the innocence of youth. Learn more of this 
 book by clicking on the cover.